Write a Good Classified Ad

In today’s fast past world more and more people are using online sites as well as local news papers to post classified ads. You can find websites online that allow you to post your classified ad for free.

You need to ask yourself how I can write a classified ad that will grab the attention of the reader and get the result I want. For instance sell your item or product or get people to sign up for your member account.

Do the research and start by reading classified ads. Take notice how other ads were written. Pay attention to the ads that jump out at you (grab your attention).

Writing a classified ad is very easy to do. Take your time and write down everything about the item or product you are trying to sell. Please keep in mind you have to make your point in the least amount of words, so be careful choosing the right words.

Get your readers attention with words like “Going Fast,” “Contact me today,” “Limited Time Special,” “Must Sell,” and “Everything Must Go.”

You can also abbreviate words as long as they are clearly understandable. Pay attention to the abbreviations in the ads you read and incorporate it in your ad. These are well recognizable abbreviations you can use: Locations: E (east), W (west), S (south), and N (north)

Condition of Item or Product: EUC (excellent used condition), F (Fair), LN (like new), G (good), and VG (very good)

Offers: BO (best offer) and OBO (or best offer)

Automotive: PW (power windows), RA (rear axle), 4dr (4 doors), T/W (tilt wheel), and TD (turbo diesel)

Miscellaneous: FS (for sale), VHTF (very hard to find), and yd. (yard)

There are many different abbreviations you can use (too many to list in this article). Go to your browser search box and type in “abbreviations for classified ads” and you will get a list of web sites that list all kinds of abbreviations.

You can add a picture (photo), image, or artwork to help detail what you are trying to sell.

Finally proofread your classified ad and check it for misspelled words.

Let me leave you with some quick tips to recap how to write a good classified ad.

Read the classified ads.

Write down everything about the item or product you are trying to sell.

Sum everything up in the least amount of words (use abbreviations).

Grab the attention of the reader (use keywords, boldface, and capital letters).

Add a picture, image, or artwork (to show what it is you are trying to sell).

Proofread and check for misspelled words.

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